Frustration of educated unemployed youths

Dear Editor,
In our state people talk about the Trans-Arunachal Highway, airport, projects, traffic jams, etc, but people seldom speak on the growing frustration among the educated unemployed youths due to rising unemployment. People are mum on this issue, and so are the politicians of the state.
But people should know that, every year, in our state, hundreds of graduates are coming to the job market. Jobs in the private and the government sectors are the only ray of hope for poor candidates. But government jobs are either being filled up through backdoor appointment or vacancies are not being advertised.
A good number of vacancies for posts such as supply inspectors, tax & excise inspectors, MVI, tourist information officers, and other Group B non-gazette posts are available, but they are not being advertised.
With the creation of more districts, the number of vacancies is increasing. In the districts, officers are holding dual or more charges due to lack of officials, but the government has no time for this issue.
With the establishment of the SSB, job aspirants saw a ray of hope, but for a short period. Like the APPSC, the SSB is also taking a long time to complete the recruitment process.
If the recruiting agencies of the state really have shortage of manpower, why do not they recruit personnel for themselves first? By delaying the recruitment process, you are making hundreds of poor APST job seekers over-aged for government jobs.
Mistakes are also of the youths of the state. We do not do things to compel the politicians or policymakers of the state to spare time for the unemployment problem. The so-called student unions of the state have no time for the main concern of every student, ie, employment after completion of education, whereas they call themselves the guardians of students’ welfare.
People should understand that if children are frustrated and remain unemployed, parents will also not be happy. So, it is also the responsibility of the people to come out openly on the issue.
Had there been no vacancies, we poor job aspirants would have had compromised with the situation. But in spite of there being several vacancies, advertisement is not being floated, which is very frustrating.
Therefore we appeal to the new government led by Pema Khandu to spare some time for the unemployed youths of the state and advertise all the vacant posts soon.
An unemployed youth,