Introduce psychology in schools and colleges

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw the attention of the authorities for introduction of more courses in tune with the changing times.
In today’s world, one of the most valuable subjects among the social sciences is psychology. We need a large number of psychologists in the clinical, counselling, sports, child welfare and development, geriatric and teaching fields more than ever before.
It is learnt that other states have included psychology in their schools and colleges. Today, we boast of having established around a dozen government degree colleges spread over various districts. Unfortunately, this significant discipline is yet to figure in the prospectuses of our educational institutions, except RGU’s (which is a central varsity), where MA in psychology is available.
Because most of the aspirants belong to poor families and cannot afford expensive education in other states, it would be very beneficial to them and their parents if affordable and quality education is provided within the native state at the earliest. The CBSE has already launched as many as 40 professional/technical courses, including psychology, at the higher secondary level. In this age of diversification and specialization, the youths deserve maximum options in order to equip themselves with employability skills. It is worth mentioning that a few days back, the vice president of India stressed the need for revamping of our education system.
Further, in the interest of the secondary (Classes 9 and 10) students, the new vocational courses approved by the CBSE may be launched in our state, too.
It is my appeal to the authorities in the department of education to consider the issues and take appropriate steps as soon as possible.
K Riba,