Girish Karnad: secular humanitarian

Dear Editor,
Passing away of a secular humanitarian always protesting against barbarism bigotry communalism, murder of democratic right of free speech and assault on independence of what one would eat or whom he or she will marry — through his art works pen words intellect and action.
The tall uncompromising presence of Girish Karnad was very much needed in this extremely vitiated poisonous environment where it has emerged as a “great sin” to question the “mainstream” or swim opposite it.
Along with the liberally-sprinkled “Anti-nationalist”, “Urban Naxal” is also a favourite term of the vested interests through which the people calling spade the spade are regularly character assassinated and belittled. But instead of being fearful to the epithet, the courageous Karnad had accepted the term as badge of honour! Sporting a placard announcing “Urban Naxal” around his neck, the severely ailing Karnad came out in protest just 8 months ago also marking the death anniversary of Gouri Lankesh — wearing a tube in his nose! What a brave heart of principles values and accountability towards the society!
May his undying spirit award inspiration to the sane secular section of this society to march on relentlessly through the right path and protest against the evils by ignoring their threats and obstacles. True Indians would definitely not forget the stalwart Girish Karnad in a hurry.
Kajal Chatterjee,