Towards environmental protection

Dear Editor,
“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree long ago,” said Warren Buffet.
The purpose of saving and sustaining mankind will work only when we live in harmony with nature and its creations. Mankind will be restored if we work collectively towards environmental protection. The recent trend of rise in temperature and global warming indicates that we lag behind in striving towards protection of the environment.
Global warming, now called ‘global warning’, and the rise in temperature can be greatly linked to the immediate impact of environmental degradation as it is being felt when we have fewer trees to absorb abundant greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Less trees means the practice of reckless cutting of trees is on.
The significant rise of temperature in the subsequent years – this year touching 500c – can only be considered one of the ramifications of global warming.
Human civilization, which has existed since just 5000 years ago, has left no stone unturned to degrade the environment. Environmental degradation is at a peak now, and as of now, the uneven distribution of rainfall, storm, rise in temperature, drought, unusual melting of glaciers, froth on lakes, epidemics, etc, can be included among the brunt of environmental degradation.
The time has come to reunite and revitalize the concept of environmental movement of the past, so that the generation to come shall witness green environment.
A small act, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.
Yadav Upadhay (Vicky),