It’s time the LGBTIQ community got due recognition in Arunachal society.

Comments from readers: –

1. Nothing matters at the end of life. Live and let live.
2. What is the meaning of this poll?
3. It’s not necessary for anyone to be an LGBT to understand their suffering. Being in love doesn’t hurt anyone. They should have the rights too to express their love and enjoy their lives happily without being ashamed of it or in fear.
4. Everybody has the right to live their life their own way.
5. Well, they’re human beings too and they’ve the right to choose who he/she wants to be with.
6. There should be no discrimination on the basis of any gender.
7. LGBTIQ should be recognized in Arunachal Pradesh. The people have the right to choose their lifestyle. Every person is equal in front of God in terms of caste, creed and sex. LGBTIQ community has been living in fear for too long now it’s time for them to step into the light. It is also decriminalized by the government scrapping IPC section article 377. So I thing the government of Arunachal should embrace it with open arms.
8. Strongly agree. Cannot deny their basic right.