NER really needs a separate time zone

Dear Editor,
I would like to show my utter dismay over the rejection made by the Govt of India for a separate time zone for the Northeast Region. NER really needs a separate time zone of its own. People in the region do not know that they are spending two hour day light with no real work at all.
Having a separate time zone of one hour / two will help us to compensate those day light which was lost by us either in over sleep or doing no work in the morning. Having a different time zone will give a boost to the working mood of the working class and over all one will have extra day light to do the rest of personal work or spend time with family.
One can take note how the people living in metro polis like Delhi start waking up at 5 am which if compare by daylight in the NE region might be is 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning. By 8 am they leave for their working place which for us is 6 in the morning. The working hour in the NER start at 9 am which compared to the day light in Delhi is like 11 am. By the end of the day, the dweller in Delhi get extra 2- 4 hrs of day light to do extra works and spend quality time with family and friends because sun remain in NCR till 8 in the evening which in our case set in 6 in evening and nightfall is not far behind.
As a citizen living in this part of the region, l would like to have a separate time zone to make good use of those early two hours daylight which is being lost by us every day.
The GOI really need to look at the daylight system in the region rather than making excuses of problems in time schedule for transportation or vice versa. GOI can look and take help from those countries who had follow different time zone to harness the quality time and productivity of its Citizens. If the GOI is really interested in developing the region, they have to bring a solution and to provide a different time zone for the entire NE region as early as possible.