MLA encourages planting more trees

WESSANG, Aug 16: Seppa MLA Tapuk Taku participated in a tree plantation programme organized by the East Kameng district unit of the Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Alumni Association (VKVAA) at the VKV here on Friday.
Addressing the school’s students, Taku stressed on planting more trees in and around the campus, and advised the students to participate in such programmes.
“Trees are considered basic to avoiding global warming and controlling landslides and climate change. As students, it is also your responsibility to educate elders who indulge in mass destruction of forests,” Taku said.
He also advised the students to stay away from drug abuse, and to dedicate themselves to education.
Later, speaking to media persons, the MLA said, “East Kameng is witnessing the climate change in past few decades,” and appealed to the district’s farmers to “cut only those areas which are needed for cultivating crops.”
Although he observed that no group indulges in the timber business in the district, the MLA advised any group or individual involved in illegal timber business to stop the activity.
“The Supreme Court has already ordered serious punishment for those who indulge in illegal timber business,” he said.
VKVAA district unit member Jiten Takar Kamsa said the plantation programme was specifically aimed at creating awareness among the students about the consequences of deforestation, and to encourage them to plant more trees.
The school’s students and staff, members of the VKVAA and others participated in the plantation programme.