Regarding recruitment of assistant professors

Dear Editor,
I would like to request the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission to consider and incorporate the following points:
It is the need of the hour to follow the UGC guidelines for recruitment of assistant professors for various government colleges of our state. Every year, more than 10 candidates in every subject get added to the list by qualifying the NET and the SLET, whereas a miniscule number of jobs are created, compared to the number of qualified candidates. In such case, it becomes a Herculean task for the commission to conduct interviews for such a large number of candidates. Thus, application of UGC guidelines is the right solution for this. It will assist in short-listing the quality candidates.
Keeping multiple interview boards is very much in practice, which I think is not fair at all and discouraging for the qualified candidates. People differ in judgment, regardless of the criteria followed. It is impossible to reach fair judgments with multiple interview boards. It should not be a game of luck; rather, one should be selected in terms of academic performance, teaching experience, proficiency in subject, and the academic contributions made through important research works.
I appreciate the sort of transparency the commission has been maintaining over a period of time. However, there still exists a scope for more transparency. The commission should come up with the marking pattern (if it is multidimensional) along with the composite score which is revealed through the marks statement on the official website.
It is also learnt that too much time is taken in between the date of advertisement and the date of interview. As such, the commission needs to ensure that minimum time is taken, so that no candidate suffers. Besides, I also request the commission to advertise on a year-to-year basis, keeping appropriate posts for every department.
A candidate