Allegation against APCS officers inappropriate, immature, uncalled for

Dear Editor,
Apropos the letter titled ‘Being humble doesn’t cost anything’, published in the reader’s forum of your daily on 21 August by Taba Boda, JE, UD & housing department, the APCS officers (2016 batch) vehemently condemn the way the author dragged and tried to malign the reputation of the whole APCS fraternity.
An allegation of such proportion, where the author deduces his logic to paint the whole APCS cadre in a single colour, was inappropriate, immature and uncalled for. Understandably, the author’s claim was personal, subjective and bereft of any material evidence to substantiate its veracity. The author himself being a government servant had the option to lodge a complaint for non-delivery of governmental services through appropriate forums, but writing in public domain without isolating the specific incident and making sweeping remarks against the whole APCS cadre is highly unbecoming of an officer.
From manning the outposts in every nook and corner of our state to the secretariat, with the sole aim of delivering services and maintaining law and order, to taking the challenges of conducting elections successfully among many other things, the APCS officers have time and again delivered for what it was established. The cadre has grown and matured along with the state, but a public letter, such as this by Boda, with the propensity to create misinformed distrust among a minute section of the society against the APCS officers serving across the state, is not only a gross allegation but dampens the spirit of any civil servant.
We condemn the sweeping generalization made by the author, and we expect a clarification for the same – and it indeed doesn’t cost anything being humble.
APCS officers,
Batch of 2016