Set the system right

Dear Editor,
I would like to draw the kind attention of the authorities concerned to the hurdles faced by the aspirants while applying and appearing for competitive exams in our state.
We are encouraging modernization but our systems hardly adhere to this due to lack of compliance with modern means or tools. In our state, many aspirants are facing serious hurdles while applying for vacant posts as our authorities are still following the archaic procedures of filling up the vacant posts in our state, which consumes precious time and energy of the aspirants as well as the agencies involved in these procedures, such as the employees of banks for payment of challans.
And one of the most frustrating practices of our authorities is not fixing the exams dates at the time of notification or advertisement of vacant posts (by keeping it ambiguous), which is posing a great threat to the employment opportunities for aspirants.
Therefore, through this medium I would like to appeal to the authorities concerned to implement the online mode of application and fix the dates of exams at the time of advertisement – at least the tentative dates – which would be really helpful for the aspirants living out of the capital complex as well as out of the state.
Yiri Kamcham,
New Delhi