Progs under Jal Shakti Abhiyan conducted

TAFRALIANG, Aug 26: Several farmers benefitted from an awareness programme on ‘scientific knowledge and methodology on water conservation in agriculture, horticulture and livestock’, conducted by the Anjaw KVK, under the Jal Shakti Abhiyan, at (adopted DFI village) Tafraliang on Monday.
Similar programmes had earlier been conducted at Kundan, Chirang and Khupa villages.
During the programme here, horticulture scientist Rebecca Eko spoke on the importance of water conservation in horticultural crops, and made a PowerPoint presentation on water requirements of fruits, vegetables and spices. She highlighted the traditional practices followed in the Northeast states, such as “bun system, zabo system, bamboo drip irrigation, banana pseudo stem irrigation, etc, of water conservation.”
The farmers were encouraged to adopt improved water management technologies, such as pressurized irrigation system, ie, drip and sprinkler, roof water harvesting, micro-rainwater harvesting structures, and IFS module.
Agronomy scientist Naveen Khoisnam explained the use of different water conservation technologies for sustainable cultivation, and demonstrated the use of “jalkhund, rainwater harvesting, and their use in agriculture and domestic purposes.”
He emphasized on adopting micro-irrigation and sprinkler systems of irrigation “to cover more areas with less water during water stress season.”
Animal science specialist Dr Santosh Kumar explained “the water scenario in India and the world, and the need to understand the ‘per drop more crop’ method of livestock farming.”
Dr Kumar also highlighted “the requirement and its importance in successful and profitable animal and poultry farming.”
The programme also featured screening of films on efficient use of water by using advanced tools and recycling water under the integrated farming system.
Around 90 farmers, including GBs, participated in the four-day training programme.