ACS urges govt to solve Toko Yame murder case

ITANAGAR, Aug 30: The Arunachal Civil Society (ACS) on Friday urged the chief minister and the home minister to take steps to quickly solve the Toko Yame murder case, saying the family members are still awaiting justice.
In a press release, the ACS said delay in solving the case “is also harassing some fellow students of late Yame as they are called to appear before the court for hearings even in the middle of examinations, which creates panic and mental disturbance to them.
“Further, when the students reach Tawang after stressful travelling, the court hearing gets cancelled all of a sudden due to various reasons, thus meting out more harassment to them,” ACS chairman Pate Tayum said.
He requested the state government and the investigating agencies to expedite the case, so that the bereaved family gets justice and the students who are often summoned for hearings get some relief.