Anini needs more ATMs

Dear Editor,
I would like to enlighten you about the lack of ATM booths in Anini, one of the oldest townships and the headquarters of Dibang Valley district. Only one ATM is functioning in the town since the last three to four years. That ATM too is not working properly, leave alone providing 24×7 service.
In order to withdraw money from the ATM, one has to stand in a queue for hours. It is frustrating for the customers when one finds that after spending hours in the queue, when his/her turn comes, there is no money left in the machine. Moreover, the ATM remains closed 10-15 days a month. Sometimes the situation gets worse when people are in desperate need of money and go to the ATM, only to find an empty machine.
I would like to share my own experience.
Two month ago, one of my friends was critically ill and the doctor referred him to Dibrugarh, Assam. His condition was very serious and he needed some money. He approached me for some financial help. I promptly agreed and went to the ATM to withdraw some amount. But to my utter frustration, I found that there was no money in the ATM. I was helpless and at the same time very angry with the situation. The same story goes for other people every day.
It is my sincere appeal to the authority concerned to look into the matter and initiate steps to establish a few more ATM booths, especially in Anini town, in order to cater to the needs of thousands of customers like me.
Topan Rimo,
Statistics & Economics Office, Anini