Repair the roads

Dear Editor,
Work on the Trans-Arunachal Highway in Lower Subansiri district has not yet begun due to the compensation issue. But meanwhile it is the responsibility of the government and the local administration to maintain the road from Pai Gate in Ziro to Potin, which is in a very dangerous condition because of big potholes.
Heavy vehicles and SUVs can easily cross these potholes, but light vehicles cannot cross them without being hit. Though sometimes these potholes are filled up with sand and pebbles, they are washed away every monsoon. So, either these should be cemented or blacktopped as a permanent solution.
Further, at many points on the Ziro-Itanagar road, either debris of landslides have covered half of the highway or half of the highway has been washed away and as a result the road has become very narrow. Someday a big accident might occur on this road. If these few potholes are maintained and the debris are cleared, the public will not complain much.
Roads are the main medium of bringing development. Hence the government should fill the potholes. We the car owners honestly pay our road tax, so it is the duty of the government to maintain these roads.
Therefore, it is our humble request to the local administration of Lower Subansiri district to look into the appeal of the poor commuters.
Kago Duri,
Medical Colony,
& Tage Apa
Paraline, Hapoli