Operation of millet threshing machine demonstrated

KANUBARI, Aug 30: A team of the Longding KVK, comprising its Head (in-charge) Dr A Kirankumar Singh, plant protection scientist Dr Senpon Ngomle and animal science specialist Tilling Tayo, assisted by Bali Rime and Duli Ete, demonstrated the operation of a millet threshing machine for farmers from Niausa village here on Friday.
The team demonstrated how to fit the machine together and how to operate it. The farmers were also given hands-on experience in operating the machine. They had brought around five kgs of foxtail millet, and after threshing, they got about three kgs of ready-to-eat millet.
Such machines will be distributed to the farmers of Longding district in the days to come. The machine can thresh 70-80 kgs of millet per hour. Other than reducing the drudgery required in manual threshing, the machines will also reduce loss of millet.