Capital needs parking space

Dear Editor,
I want to request Chief Minister Pema Khandu to build parking places in Naharlagun and Itanagar.
In Naharlagun, the most pertinent use of RG stadium will be as a parking lot because a new stadium has already been built in Yupia and, moreover, the location of RG stadium is not appropriate since it stands in the midst of the market. We can make the best use of it by turning it into a parking lot. The public can park their vehicles there and go shopping because it is at the centre of the town. No public should be allowed to park their vehicles beside the highway, and to inspect this, a traffic warden must be deployed.
In Itanagar, there is a parking lot in Bank Tinali, just below the police station, but it always remains empty. No one is using that parking lot. Since that area is very busy, there should be adequate traffic police to check and make sure no one parks their vehicles on the highway.
The most prevailing problem in the capital region is traffic problem, and everyone is a victim. The four-lane has been constructed, but due to parking near the roadside, there are only two lanes. The parking lot should be created near Heema Hospital, the SBI main branch, the civil secretariat, and near the Ganga market.
We can only be exempted from traffic problems when we have adequate parking spaces.
Rinyaa Kamsi,
Abotani Colony