Discourage absenteeism

The allegation of officials remaining absent from their places of posting often are reported from various parts of the state. The members of All Mengio Youth Association alleged that officers and officials posted at Mengio and Silsango circles mostly remain absent from their places of posting. The state government should investigate the matter and take action, if officials are indeed found absent from places of posting. It is unfortunate that such practice is adopted by the government officials across the state. Most of them prefer to stay either in state capital or in district headquarters.
This hampers the implementation of developmental projects at grass root level. There may be some issues like medical cases and lack of accommodations at places of posting, but remaining absent for the longer period is not justifiable at all. At the time of joining service they take the pledge to serve people and give consent to be posted in any parts of the state. They should remain true to the pledge and serve wherever they are posted. The state government should take strict action against those officials who remain absent from their places of posting. It is a clear case of dereliction of duty and the absentee officials deserve to be punished under service rules. The governance should not suffer because of few officials who refuse to follow the service rules.