Do not pollute the river this festive season

Dear Editor,
Greetings to everyone in this festive month of October. Arunachal does really light up during Puja break where we see pandals everywhere, people wearing devil horns and also their favourite gambling – Jandi Munda.
Since it is vacation time for most schools and colleges, every home becomes livelier.
I myself have always loved this festive season until the recent Vishwakarma festival where the immersion of idols had severely polluted our rivers and damaged its ecosystem. While enjoying the festival, we have forgotten our duty towards cleanliness of our surroundings.
During the last Puja, video clips of certain youths came out who were opposing the pollution of the rivers. It was a highly commendable job and I request you to keep up the spirit.
I also request my Hindu brothers and sisters to please maintain cleanliness of our mother earth in this festival. Also, I request the district administration to kindly prevent immersion of idols in our rivers. Unlike in other cities, our rivers are still fresh and clean. Please let us maintain it as such.
Let this Durga Puja be a move towards protection of our environment. And wish you all a Happy Durga Puja and Diwali.
Ngali Sumnyan