Returned with a vision from Heads of schools conference

Dear Editor,
I on behalf of all the Heads of Schools who attended the 3 days Conference wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to Secretary Education and the entire team of Education Department, for the successful conduct of the first ever three days Heads Of Schools Conference from 23rd to 25th Sept.2019 at DK Auditorium at Itanagar.
It was a privilege for us to be a part of such a grand event. Our state, particularly our Education Department is fortunate to have an efficient, diligent, and considerate officer like Madhu Rani Teotia to head the Department.
It was under her personal initiative and able guidance that HOS numbering to 300 or more could be gathered together to discuss important matters like school management and administration, modern and innovative teaching practices, Community services, overall result analysis and improvement methods, importance of co-curricular activities, POCSO Act 2012 and many more.
Also it was for the first time that, those Heads of schools who retired in the year 2019- 20 were honoured and felicitated by Pema Khandu, Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh in the inaugural session itself.
In my personal opinion, Education Secretary is really an epitome of humility, sincerity and efficiency. Her accommodating nature and easy accessibility is worth emulating.
In today’s selfish world, it is indeed hard to find people like her who would go out of the way, simply for the benefit of others. I hope and pray that our state Govt. recognize and acknowledge her service.
The Conference was attended by a disciplined and mixed group of old and young Headmasters/Headmistresses, Principals and DDSE representatives of the various districts of the state.
The program on the whole was very interesting, informative and inspirational. The members present shared their experience garnered in their respective schools and Districts. Some also expressed their grievances to which on-the -spot solutions were suggested by the higher Authorities. The Conference also gave ample opportunity to old school and college mates to meet and greet after decades of missing each other. The 3 hectic days passed off like the gush of the wind with effective lectures, serious thoughts, intriguing queries and hearty laughter reverberating throughout the packed hall.
Such was my experience in the recently held Conference wherein each participant’s voice was filled with promises to uphold and enhance the entire Education machinery of our state. Emphasis was also made before the august gathering that the formal education must be purely child-centred in nature.
Like me, I’m sure the participating HOS felt enriched and returned back with a zealous mission to take our state’s Education system to greater heights.
But we the HOS’ have our limitations for which we need financial, material and manpower backing from our Govt. and we are praying that this matter will also be looked into.
Hope this praiseworthy legacy initiated by Madhu Rani Teotia, Secy. Education will be carried forward in future, in the same manner by the Department and all the Education functionaries. Heads of Schools came with a mission and returned with a vision!
Yabiang Anku Padi
H.M. Town Secondary School, Tawang