It’s now or never

Home Minister Bamang Felix, while speaking during a workshop at the Rajiv Gandhi University on Monday, has re-ignited the debate over cash for vote culture prevailing in the state. To the utter shock of the students and other participants present on the occasion, Felix informed that most of the newly elected MLAs of state are in debt due to heavy expenditure incurred during election. He deserves appreciation for being bold enough to tell the truth and for igniting a debate over this serious issue.
Now that it has come in public domain that most MLAs are in debt, how can people-who took money to vote-expect their respective elected representative to work for development? The voters who sold themselves during election have lost their moral right to seek development. It is now obvious that MLAs will try to earn for themselves; they will try to first clear their debts and then earn enough to get ready for the 2024 election.
For years, money culture has been severely hurting the development process in the state. People keep talking about the need to eradicate it but when elections near, everyone seeks money in exchange for their votes.
It is time citizens of the state walk the talk and put an end to the money culture. Let us start with the coming panchayat and municipal elections. Everyone should take a pledge not to accept any cash to vote during the panchayat and municipal elections. If cash for vote culture is not put to a stop now, it is going to destroy the future of the state. It’s now or never.