HAA and incapacitated municipality

Dear Editor,
For the last few days, there has been hue and cry over the Hamara Arunachal Abhiyan (HAA), which basically aims to make Arunachal cleaner and healthier. We all stand by the government on this initiative. Not only the government, it is more of our responsibility to clean up our land. However, this can only be possible with a better and regularly operating municipal council which could help in accelerating the senses of the common denizens.
The operation of the municipality in D Sector, Naharlagun, therefore needs to be highlighted here. The lanes here are polluted at the highest level with plastics and garbage dumped in every corner of the sector. And sadly, I am one of the contributors, because I have no other options left.
I always used to empty my garbage onto the assigned municipal trucks and nowhere else. But the municipal trucks have completely stopped coming to D Sector since April this year. So, where do we dispose of the garbage now?
We live in rented houses, where there are no compounds to play, let alone some space to dig compost pits of our own. We literally have nowhere to dispose of our garbage.
There are many like myself who hate disposing of their dustbins on the roadsides because it is so not cool and such an unacceptable act to do. But we have no options. The municipality has neither arranged dustbins for us, nor does it send trucks for regular collection.
Do you know why Indore gets the tag of the cleanest city every year? It is because of the superb work agenda that its municipality has. The municipality there never fails to collect dustbins on a regular basis, which has sensitized the citizens too.
If they can, why cannot we ? The ‘Clean Arunachal’ motto can only be fulfilled if the municipality starts acting now. The denizens will automatically follow you, trust me.
Therefore, I request the IMC to please provide municipality trucks to D Sector, Naharlagun, on a regular basis, just as it used to do a few months back.
If not daily, thrice or twice a week would do. Make it operative again, please. Or else, construct dustbins.
A concerned citizen