Language of humanity is simple

Dear Editor,
Social media has become quite a platform for spreading terrorism in our state. Now that data services have become very cheap, the internet has become more accessible than ever to the common people. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc, have become a platform for spreading hatred among communities, individuals, and religions.
This unlawful act is causing serious disharmony among communities. It has become very easy for someone to spread violence and wrong messages. A series of unauthorized acts were executed in recent times, which I believe could have been avoided if social media infuriation had not taken place.
Social media are great sources of information and a strong medium for propagating ideas. But there are certain Facebook pages whose feeds are full of racial abuses, discrimination, religious attacks, stereotypical comments, and all kind of nonsense which violate the fundamental rights. It creates a never-ending chain of blame-game, where people of different communities try to intimidate and threaten one another, which goes beyond criminal offences. Foul speaking against non-Arunachalees was already prevalent in Arunachal. Now it has become more intense and widespread. Even talks of driving them away from the state are being raised. It does not end there; it happens even within the tribal communities of our state.
Considering the current scenario and the rate at with which hatred is being spread, I can only picture an impeding disaster/communal riots.
To change the mentality of the people overnight is not possible. However, necessary measures could be taken. Facebook posts, tweets and Instagram feeds can very well be checked by the authorities and law protectors. Parents can also play a major role in checking and controlling their children. This sorry state of our state is clearly the result of improper education, and lack of propagation of cultural and ethical values. Instead of resorting to criminal-like activities, these people should actually focus on their studies and careers.
Compared to other states, Arunachal has very less to offer to our nation in terms of resources; however, the potential is immense, but the knowledge to exploit the resource is not there.
Our literacy rate is around 70 percent, which is second from last, compared to all other states in India. Earlier this year, a brilliant lady from Upper Subansiri, Yana Bagbi, became the first woman to receive a PhD degree in physics. She is one of the only two to achieve that in our state, while other states produce in hundreds.
We need to understand that human society is enigmatic; the number of ideologies that are available is sometimes very confusing. Maybe you are not aware of the laws laid down by the constitution, or you might find it complex, but the language of humanity is simple. So, at the end of the day, we all want to live in peace. Lets embrace our diversity and live in harmony, because the more united we become, the stronger we will grow.
A citizen