Minor girl rescued from abusive husband

ITANAGAR, Oct 17: Joint efforts of the Women Helpline (WHL)-181 of Arunachal and Assam, the Childline Assam, the OSC Assam, and the Assam police resulted in the rescuing of a 15-year-old girl from her abusive husband from Guwahati (Assam) recently.
According to the girl’s parents, who reside in Banderdewa (Assam), the husband had manipulated the minor into eloping with him and marrying him two months back.
The girl later managed to make a phone call to her parents, and told them about the physical abuse she was suffering at the hands of her husband. She gave her address to her parents and sought their help.
On 2 October, Arunachal WHL-181 manager, Binny Yachu, received a call from the girl’s parents, informing about their daughter’s situation. Yachu immediately registered a case, and urged the Assam WHL-181 to rescue the victim as soon as possible.
On 5 October, after investigation, the Assam WHL-181 team along with members of the Childline Assam, the OSC Assam and the Assam police rescued the girl and took her to a short-stay home.
The next day, the WHL-181 of Assam and Arunac-hal informed the girl’s parents about the rescue, and asked them to take her back.
However, when they were on their way to the Guwahati railway station, the girl and her parents were accosted by the husband, who requested them to get inside his vehicle, saying he would drop them at the station, but instead took them back to his house, where the girl was reportedly beaten up again.
On being apprised of the situation, the Arunachal WHL-181 informed its Assam counterpart about the kidnapping of the girl, and she was rescued for the second time.
The girl is presently safe and sound, and is staying with her parents in Banderdewa.
Meanwhile, the Arunachal WHL-181 has appealed to women in distress, or anyone on behalf of the victim(s), to contact the helpline’s toll-free number, 181, at any time of day or night, for support and information.