We lost our brother because someone was overspeeding

Dear Editor,
I am writing this for all of you with the intention to create awareness and to bring safety, so that nobody loses their loved ones again. I hope this piece of writing instills a sense of responsibility in each and everyone’s heart and mind.
Road accidents are emerging as one of the most alarming issues in our state, whether it ends in minor injuries or fatality. Statistically, these road accidents are seen increasing day by day. Not a day passes by when we don’t hear about road accidents.
There are multiple causes leading to such road mishaps. Drunk driving, overloading beyond the normal capacity of public vehicles, poor maintenance of the vehicles, and many more different reasons; but one of the most important factors leading towards this road disaster is the result of reckless driving and overspeeding by drivers who do not follow the traffic rules, often mixed with the attitude of the ‘right of the mighty’ bigger vehicles towards the smaller vehicles (including trucks).
Once we own the driver’s seat, we should already have the obligation of protecting lives, including ours and others’. Possessing a valid driving licence does not make a good driver; the driver should get proper education about driving in public areas at any time, whether it is late at night or early in the morning, even if there is no traffic crowd. They should realize the liability of the driver’s seat once they are holding the same. Drivers can significantly contribute to reduce the accidents.
Special mention maybe made of the truck drivers and other similar vehicle drivers, because most of the time these transportation agents are seen running in high speed, without giving a second thought that they might cause a catastrophe in any minute, to themselves as well as to others. Sometimes the drivers continue to act like maniacs who are always in a tearing hurry, thereby making errors that often lead to major accidents. So, special education on traffic rules and feeling of responsibility on the road should be provided to all the drivers (both literate and illiterate). All the drivers should learn to show consideration and respect to co-vehicle drivers and pedestrians to keep the road safer for everyone.
Road accidents and traffic injuries are dreadful causes of premature deaths, hospitalization, sometimes leading a person to disability and other losses. Most of the people who are affected by these road accidents are always in their prime, productive age. They lose their life at a very young age because of someone else’s mistake.
My brother had to lose his life because of someone else’s blunder – because of someone else’s overspeeding. In the end, the other side says it was a huge mistake. They put it up so easily and want to escape, but they do not feel how huge it is for us, they do not feel what they have done to us. For them it is just a mistake and for their silly mistake my brother had to die at a very young age. What did my brother do to them? Why did they overspeed and take my brother’s life? He still had so many unfulfilled dreams and wishes. We still had to grow up together. But someone else’s irresponsible and ignorant mistake took away my brother’s life and left us shattered forever. I pray it does not happen with anyone else.
So, my dear brothers and sisters, I request that every one of us imbibes a sense of responsibility while driving anywhere. Please avoid overspeeding and follow the speed limits. No one should lose their life because of someone else’s mistake.
Implementation of traffic rules and stringent punishment alone will not solve the persisting situation but a change in mindset of the riders and drivers and road users, realizing their responsibility, will bring about a change. Effective community/individual participation will play a very powerful role in tackling the problem of road accidents. Everybody should be concerned and should work toward achieving a safe road travel, so that the road accidents can be prevented at least in some number. Like we adopt the best elements from the other countries, we should also learn to practice for good behavior on the roads practiced in developed countries where safety, orderliness and discipline are rooted in the citizens.
Hage Sonia