Do not introduce district-wise quota

Dear Editor,
The APSSB was established to conduct fair and impartial competitive exams for various C and D grade services, ensuring a way to select hardworking and talented people for various services without any discrimination.
Now if the APSSB introduces district-wise quota system, its purpose of establishment becomes useless, as it will benefit certain well-represented, sparsely distributed large communities and deprive many underprivileged minor populated communities concentrated only in one district, leading to unfair competition.
It would clearly violate Article 16 (4) of the Indian constitution, which guarantees reservation for backward classes of citizens that are not adequately represented in the services under the state. So, if looked at properly, instead of district-wise the minor under-represented communities of our state should be getting quotas. But things here are going in the opposite direction.
Also, 100 percent reservation system clearly violates Article 16 (1) of the constitution, which guarantees equality of opportunity for all citizens in matter of public employment. And with regard to it, non-APSTs should also get the opportunity to serve our state and nation as a whole and shouldn’t be discriminated against as outsiders, as we all are Indians.
So, with humble respect, I request our state government to not introduce the APSSB district-wise quota system, so as to ensure competitive random selection from any district, based on one’s hard work and talent, maintaining the true spirit and reason for establishment of the APSSB.
Pura Rallo