A girl and a tree

[ Chujai Chingsaham ]
On a warm sunny day, a little girl, while returning from school, was pleasantly surprised to find a tree with ripe fruits. She ran to the tree, plucked one, and ate it up. The taste was good and she wanted more, but all that was left in her hands were seeds that she unwittingly threw on soft fertile soil.
A week later, the same girl went past the road where the seeds had been thrown. Her innocent mind had no clue that the seed had grown into a sapling. Now, the sapling recognized the little girl and happily greeted her, saying, “Hey, dear!” but the girl did not notice it. The sapling was sad, and consoled itself with the thought that it was too tiny to be noticed.
After a year, the girl happened to pass by the same road again. The sapling was now taller than her – almost a young tree. “Hey, girl! I, I am…” the tree murmured hesistantly. It wanted to say thank you to the girl, but she was busy with her phone and failed to notice the tree, again. The tree was disheartened.
After many years, the girl was driving through the same road, exhausted by the scorching heat. She decided to stop by and rest in the shade of a tree. By now, what used to be the sapling was tall and firm, and bore fruits. This time the girl recognized her plant and happily said, “Hey! I am the one who gave you life, and you owe me lot of fruits, remember?” Without a second thought, the tree welcomed her and said, ‘Yes, my dear; I have been waiting for you. You can stand under my shade, breathe the fresh air, and eat the fruits I bear. But please throw the seeds somewhere safe, so that many more like me can serve you, dear.’
Love nature, because nature loves and serves you.