An unusual encounter

[ Bekky Haji ]
It all started with a dream about a lady. The flashback of the dream is something that I cannot block out easily. I still remember her sitting on my study table: white dress, bloodshot eyes, grey, straight hair, and that hideous smile – something I’m sure I won’t forget for the rest of my life. She was humming a song, and her legs were swinging carelessly in simultaneous motion.
The next night, an hour before dawn, I heard a familiar voice gently calling out my name. Following that, I was awake. While heading towards the toilet, I saw someone approaching from the other end of the corridor. He was dressed like a groom. I was shocked to see someone dressed like that at that odd hour. As he walked closer, I asked, “Which hostel are you from, and what’s with the formals, dude?”
He just smiled and went past me.
As I was washing my hands, I looked at the bathroom mirror and realized that the man looked exactly like me, except that he was somewhat older. I was shocked and frightened to my core.
Nervous, I looked cautiously towards the corridor, and saw the groom standing outside my room. He waved and entered the room. There was a bright light glowing in the room – a light so bright that it could illuminate all the corridors of the hostel. I rushed along and found the same lady inside. Unlike in my dreams, though, she was a beautiful woman. It felt like a long-lost fairy tale had been brought to life.
I was amazed by the beauty of the moment, as well as scared by the presence of both the entities in my room. I stayed away from entering the room and left them alone in that moment.