Let merit be sole criterion

Dear Editor,
I am in total disagreement with the recent modified notification of the APSSB. If the district-wise quota in department jobs is implemented, there will be no value of hardworking candidates, and it will demoralize the meritorious candidates. If one cannot apply for a government job in one’s own state, where should one go to apply?
Everybody should know that the government of India never allocates funds to create countless districts. The funds used in the creation of districts and creation of government jobs are meant for the development of the entire people of the state. As a gesture of love and affection for the other tribes, we never object to the use of our share of the fund in the creation of districts. Everybody’s share of the fund is involved in the creation of new districts and posts, so every citizen of this state has a right to apply for government jobs and seek contract works in every district of the state. The state government should not frame a law which will curtail the citizens’ right; it should instead encourage people to go to other districts and show their culture to promote a pan-Arunachal feeling among the 26 tribes of the state.
In the past, this model of district-wise jobs has already been tried and tested. It was a big failure. For instance, earlier the recruitment of SSA teachers and NHRM staffs were done through the district administrations and posts were reserved for the domicile candidates of the districts concerned. Now the department concerned has rectified it and adopted a centralized recruitment process and kept it open for all because of the failure of the model due to the interference of local politicians and the selection of undeserving candidates.
Moreover, since our state is new, well-qualified and efficient staffs are needed to run the administrative mechanism, so that no central government fund lapses due to the inefficiency of the staffs, and also it will catalyze the development of the state.
As far as backwardness and discrimination are concerned, the state government should release the list of total fund allocated to each and every constituency of the state in the last 10 years. Then everything will be crystal clear as to which constituency is discriminated against in the real sense.
Finally, I appeal to the state government to scrap the controversial clause, ie, the district-wise quota, from the APSSB Act and put a permanent end to the issue. Let merit be the sole criterion for the selection of government employees.
Tasso Tallu