What next?

Dear Editor,
Amidst the uncertainty mounting with each passing day since we wrote the mains, our hope of being inducted as civil servants in the state only seems to be fading rapidly.
With factions already in the place as ‘appeared’ and ‘non-appeared’ alleging and counter-alleging, a meddlesome high court, and a lackadaisical government, the commission apparently stands more as a handicapped body now.
Albeit the commission is under the aegis of the constitution of India, it has never stood like one. Despite the high court’s verdict on 16 September, a month back from now, it is yet to clear its decision as to what next, and when.
I would like to bring to the notice of the concerned masses, especially the authorities responsible, the plight of the aspirants, irrespective of the factions, looking for a time vent against the backdrop of the aforementioned grievances.
The grievances of every aspirant should be considered.
We would be obliged if the commission stands clear on its take within the stipulated ultimatum prescribed by the high court at the earliest. And not just keep binge-watching, if so.
An aspirant