Himalayan University organizes symposium on Dai’s ‘The Legends of Pensam’

ITANAGAR, Oct 23: The English department of the Himalayan University (HU) has organized a symposium on “Mamang Dai’s The Legends of Pensam” at the university here on Wednesday.
RGU assistant professor, Dr. Doyir Ete, in her keynote address, emphasized on myth and reality that are depicted in Dai’s literature. She also presented a paper highlighting the writing from Northeast India, literature from Arunachal Pradesh and importance of Mamang Dai in this field.
University registrar Dr. Vivek Mittal said that the Himalayan University has already included the works of Mamang Dai in the syllabus of English, and in future, the University will also do the research work on Dai.
Bomni Riba and Andinga Tacho also presented papers on the works of Mamang Dai. This was followed by discussion on ‘how the literature of North East should be read and included in the syllabus of various Indian Universities.’
Earlier, the symposium was inaugurated by Vice Chancellor Dr. H.S. Sharma and Head Admin D Bagra.
HoD Dr. Doi Ette said that Himalayan University is committed to give the quality education and it regularly organizes symposiums to create the environment of “studying, contemplation and reflection “.
Assistant Professor Yigom Taipodia also spoke on the occasion.