Rise to the occasion

The communal tension prevailing in Namsai district is disturbing, and peace should be restored there at the earliest. The tension, which started after the burning of houses in New Mabira area in Namsai, has since turned extremely volatile. Despite interventions by senior ministers, including Home Minister Bamang Felix and Health Minister Alo Libang, the situation remains tense. The effort of the Namsai district administration to find peace has also not borne fruit yet. The peace talk between the Adi Baane Kebang (ABK) and the Tai Khampti Singpho Council (TKSC), which was supposed to take place on Thursday, did not go ahead as the ABK boycotted the meeting, expressing displeasure over the authority’s inability to arrest the accused involved in the arson in New Mabira village.
The ABK has made it clear that unless the accused involved in the arson case are arrested it would not participate in the peace talk. In order to end this deadlock, the police should arrest the people involved in arson at the earliest, so that a congenial atmosphere is created for peace talks. Also, both the ABK and the TKSC will have to rise to the occasion and settle the issue amicably. The prolonging of tension will only create division and ill-feeling among fellow Arunachalees. Namsai district is already facing issues like the demand for PRC by non-APSTs and constant encroachment of forest land by refugees. Therefore it becomes pertinent for the Adi and the Khampti communities to peacefully resolve any misunderstanding at the earliest for the benefit of the people of Arunachal Pradesh.