Improve infrastructure

Dear Editor,
I would like to request the state government to focus on infrastructure development instead of organizing so many festivals. We need good roads, a good education system and employment generation.
If the roads are good, there will be more tourists coming to our state, and therefore there will be no need to promote tourism by organizing such festivals, spending lots of money. It is a waste of public money. We need airports, not reports of you attending festivals.
A good education system is the backbone of a civilized society, but in most of the districts, there are no subject teachers in the government schools.
What is needed is the political will to improve the infrastructure to pave way for all-round development.
I would also like to request the media community not to become ‘yes men’ to the government. The media is the fourth pillar of democracy, and if the media stop asking the government, who will?
Linbu Rago