Itanagar is turning into Delhi

Dear Editor,
Please save our natural resources. Please, our capital is very dirty. I mean, look at our rivers and the smell of air. We can’t even have a good morning walk or evening walk. No good, clean parks.
Yes, the morning garbage-truck teams are doing a commendable job, but still we all know that the capital is very dirty. Dogs, pigs and other domestic animals are getting diseases due to our unplanned garbage system.
Corruption money is also of no use if you can’t enjoy the beautiful nature that you are destroying. People may buy land, build big rent houses or hotels or shops, buy vehicles, hoard money in banks, live a luxurious lifestyle, and so on, but it is of no use if the surroundings are unhealthy and there are traffic jams. We can see that most of the private cars are empty with only one or two persons in them.
Parents and elders blame kids for playing games like PUBG and Mobile Legends, but they can’t provide good playground for them to go outdoors. There is no clean riverside to walk on even; it’s all dirty and smelly.
Where will our kids and citizens go to have a quiet time with nature – just hotels, shops, cinemas and traffic?
Yes, money is important, but protect our state first, or else it will become the next Delhi.
Lazy person