An idea to ponder

Chief Minister Pema Khandu has ignited a debate over whether the panchayat polls in the state could be fought on “non-party basis.” While attending the National Press Day celebration he made the suggestion. So far no political parties have reacted to the idea. However in social media, the majority seems to favour the idea, though the odd voices of opposition can be heard. A partyless Panchayat election is not a bad idea when one closely analyzes the election process. In Arunachal Pradesh whether during assembly or Panchayat election, the person who manages to get ruling party ticket has maximum advantage.
In situation like this, the leaders who have all the required qualities to lead the society but have failed to get ruling party ticket ends up losing the election. This denies them the opportunity to serve the society. Therefore, the idea of partyless Panchayat election should be considered. It will open up the possibilities of the opportunity to serve the society to every citizen. Even those who are not affiliated to any political parties will get the chance to have a crack at the election. Panchayat is the first step in building a future leader. The experience of working at the grass roots is much needed to mould any leader. It is time all the political parties come together and experiment with the idea of partyless Panchayat election. The coming Panchayat election is a good opportunity to try this idea.