Resolve conflict through dialogue

The communal tension which has engulfed Namsai district for the last one month should be resolved at the earliest. The tension prevailing between the Adi and the Khamti communities has created serious law and order problems in the district. If the tension is not diffused sooner, the situation may further flare up in the days to come. Home Minister Bamang Felix on Sunday while touring the district met with representatives of community-based organizations of both the tribes, and urged them to refrain from resorting to violence. As an outcome of the visit, a roundtable meeting will be held on 2 December to find a lasting solution to the problem.
All the stakeholders, including the ABK, the TKSU, the TKDC, the NAYWA, etc, are expected to attend the meeting. This is an important initiative to resolve the conflict between the two communities. It is imperative for the elders of the Adi and the Khamti communities to come together and put an end to the prevailing tension in the district. All the outstanding issues and conflicts can be resolved through dialogue and talks. The more the issue is dragged on, the more it is going to harm the relations between the two communities. In the greater interest of state, the members of both the communities will have to rise to the occasion and put an end to the conflict. The 2 December meeting will provide an opportunity to both the sides to present their respective views. Hopefully, a solution will be worked, so that peace returns to Namsai district.