Armed Forces Flag Day greetings

ITANAGAR, Dec 6: Governor BD Mishra has extended greetings to the people of the state on the occasion of the Armed Forces Flag Day. He also conveyed his good wishes to his former colleagues in arms.
“Since 1949, the Indian Armed Forces Flag Day is observed every year on 7 December to honour the soldiers, airmen and sailors of India who are guarding our borders to safeguard the country’s sovereignty, integrity and honour,” the governor said in his message.
He said the day “brings to the fore the country’s obligation for the welfare of the armed forces people and those who have given their day for the nation.”
He urged every citizen to generously donate to the Armed Forces Flag Day fund, “which is used for the welfare of the battle martyrs, veer naris, war-disabled, the ex-servicemen, and the serving personnel.”
Mishra joined the people of the state in paying gratitude to the members of the armed forces “for their courage, bravery, valour, patriotism and sacrifice for the national cause.” (Raj Bhavan)