Prog on food wastage prevention held

NIRJULI, Dec 20: Over fifty participants, including students, attended an induction programme on ‘Prevention of food wastage’, organized at the NERIST here on Friday.
NERIST Director Prof HS Yadav highlighted the concern over food wastage and “related issues like emission of greenhouse gases and unhygienic conditions at one end and losing time, energy, investment and hard work of farmers on the other hand.”
He enlightened the students on the “civic injustice caused by food wastage and the need for appropriate legislative measures, with the opinion of the public, to curb food wastage on various social functions, hostels, hospitals and households.”
Dr Yadav urged the students to take up appropriate initiatives to control wastage of food, and emphasized on “setting of personal examples, (and) moving forward an appeal to the people by our leaders and public figures against food and food items wastages.”
He also called for sensitizing mothers to educate their children to avoid food wastage, besides “placing of posters and placards in public eating places.”