A resolution for Arunachal

Dear Editor,
This new year, let us make a strong resolution: of love, unity, kindness, fraternity, respect and gentleness. This new year, let’s make a resolution to not judge one another in terms of tribes and race but try to live under one roof of brotherhood and unity. Let’s inculcate in ourselves a new resolution of respect: equal respect to the poor and the affluent; equal respect to the officers and the one who begs in the streets; equal respect to the one who has an expensive car and to the pedestrians.
Let’s take our state one more step towards transformation with the seeds of kindness and love, and show the same love and kindness towards all. We always straighten our hair, let us straighten our hearts this new year. Let us try to fill ourselves with the spirit of forgiveness. We only forgive people we are well-known to, but this new year, let’s make a resolution to forgive even strangers. Let us remove the sheets of hatred, resentment, disrespect, individuality and disunity, and spread the canopy of love, kindness, respect, forgiveness, peace and goodness. Making Arunachal a better Arunachal is not the responsibility of an individual but the responsibility of all the denizens of Arunachal. Let’s be the changers, the transformers and the revolutionists.
Yours sincerely,
Rinyaa Kamsi,