Will the state government’s teachers’ transfer and posting policy be effective?

Comments from readers: –

1. Transfer and posting will be effective, but the government may not comply with its own decision.
2. No, I don’t think so. Influential party will find out a way to overcome this policy. However, if the government can strictly implement this, it will be a great boon for the state.
3. No laws or rules can be effective in our khusi marji state. People with good political connections will somehow find the loopholes and the means to break the policy as political bosses become helpless and complicit.
4. Because of excessive political interference, most of the policies are good on paper only. Like many earlier policies, this, too, will be ineffective.
5. Equal ratio for transfer and posting should be made mandatory, and every school should get an equal number of teaching staff to revamp and revive the defunct schools in the hard pockets.
6. These lawmakers will be the first to break it with recommendations.
7. Yes, the teachers’ transfer and posting system will be effective if the implementation of the system is not biased and proper monitoring of the system is maintained. Hope whoever is going to monitor this will think of our state’s education’s betterment first.
8. Till corruption, nepotism, etc, are uprooted, transfer policy of the government will not be successful.
9. The policies made will never be effective if they are influenced by politics. Arunachal is a state where the transfers of almost all government employees are done based on political background.
10. First of all, the infrastructure of the schools should be sound. There are many schools which are deprived of good desks and benches, classrooms, boundary walls, separate toilets for boys and girls, and many more. Posting the teachers here and there doesn’t make any difference until and unless there is good infrastructure.
11. As long as relatives of bureaucrats, technocrats and leaders remain in the vicinity of the capital complex, no policy will be successful. Transfer them first; there are more than required teachers in the capital complex schools, whereas the remote and interior schools cry for the same.
12. Every year, our CBSE results are listed among some of the worst performing states. Last year, Arunachal was at the bottom of the table, which is quite embarrassing for a small state. Therefore, unless strictest of policies are made for education, the same rotten system will continue.
13. Basically, the transfer and posting policy of our state is mostly political influenced and politically transferred everywhere. How can the department successfully implement this policy?
14. In my opinion, it is the most effective decision ever taken by the state government. If implemented in the true spirit, it will rationally distribute the teachers in all the schools. There will be less political interference in the matter of teachers’ transfer and posting as has been experienced in the last many decades. The ‘blue-eyed boy system’ will be done away with.
15. We all know that those who have political connections will always get the place where they want to work. There is hope. However, I don’t see people not favouring their families and friends. No matter how effective the policy may become, there will always be favouritism. I appreciate the move taken by the HCM. This was much needed to change the education system in our state. You may all know how our state is performing in the education sector. This policy might change and improve the current place of our state. This is a request to all the teachers: please accept where you have been posted. I understand you are living far from your home and making many sacrifices, but you need to realize that there is more that you can give. You are creating, nurturing and educating the young ones.
16. Not at all. Many a time such a move had been adopted, but the kith and kin of the heavyweights have always been exempted through various reasons. Only those who have no solid background have to obey the transfer orders. It is an open secret. If this happens on ground, it would be no less than the 8th wonder of the world.
17. There are a number of TGTs and PGTs at the higher secondary and secondary schools in Itanagar, Pasighat, Aalo and Ziro who have been living at the single posting place since the last 15 to 20 years and enjoying the facilities of the town/locality. Even the earlier transfer/posting policies did not affect them. Many of the TGTs are serving in town areas merely by taking one period/class only in one day, whereas there are many teachers who have never tested their service in the town areas. Whether TGT or PGT, those who are at a particular place for more than 8 to 10 years should be transferred to other institutions.
18. Useless. Only teachers without any political backing will be transferred. No teachers already posted in district headquarters will go.