‘Construct PMGSY road as per DPR’

ITANAGAR, Jan 13: The Tungbia Rashik Village Development Committee in a representation to the chief secretary on Monday requested him to direct the Laying Yangte RWD division EE and the Patuk RWD subdivision AE, in Parsi Parlo circle of Kurung Kumey district, to execute the ongoing PMGSY road from Parsi Parlo to Yaluha “as per the detailed project report (DPR) by covering Tongbi and Rashik villages.”
“As per the DPR, the final alignment and geotagging, the PMGSY road should be constructed via Tongbia, Rashik, Nyokuriang and Yariknyoriang villages, and to Yaluha,” the committee said.
It, however, claimed that the department later decided to construct the road along the Kumey river, “through an old porter track, where there are no villages and human settlement.”
“We, the beneficiaries of the said PMGSY road, generously offered our forests, rivers, lands, paddy fields and gardens to the department to construct the same. Now the department is reluctant to construct the road via the abovementioned villages without any valid rhyme and reason,” the committee said.
It also sought immediate halt on payment of the contractor’s bill against the ongoing Parsi Parlo to Yaluha PMGSY road project “till construction of the road is completed as per DPR.”
The committee also demanded early deployment of an independent survey team to find out the exact distance of the PMGSY road from Parsi Parlo to Yaluha.