APPSC’s saga of incompetence

Dear Editor,
The incompetence shown by the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) over the years is mind-boggling, to say the least. Everyone knows how prevalent corruption is in examinations conducted by the departments concerned, so a person belonging to a poor family with little or no political background depends on the APPSC because apparently the APPSC conducts exams fairly. Is it true, though? Is the APPSC fair?
I have a theory – a conspiracy theory, to be precise. The last time the APPSC conducted a civil service exam was in 2017, which was re-conducted in 2018, and we all know the plethora of events that took place after. The big question that arises here is: Why is the APPSC so desperate to release the results of the mains exam which was boycotted by more than half of the students who qualified? Even after the high court had ordered the commission to re-conduct the exam, the commission refused to follow through and appealed to the court again. Is it just me or something just doesn’t feel right.
Why is the commission so desperate?
Is it political? If so, then why did the CM recently address the lack of civil service officers in the state? Is the CM actually concerned or is he just lending pseudo support to the aspirants to prevent anyone from questioning the government?
Is it ego? Have the egos of the top brass the commission been hurt? This is the most unlikely case because I firmly believe that the chairman or any member of the commission will not let his or her ego take over the future of thousands of students. That being said, anything is possible.
All the above theories are just conspiracy theories; it might not hold true at all or some of it might be true. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is the future of all the youths of our state. The rate of unemployment has been ever increasing and the government doesn’t seem to be giving a thought about it, which is quite clear from the recent assembly discussions, where none of the MLAs or ministers actually talked about unemployment in detail. If this continues, the people could start demanding the governor to let the UPSC take over the commission, which is actually possible if approved by the President. Did I just give out a suggestion to get out of this mess? Maybe I did.
Anonymous Arunachalee