Lacunae in notification

Dear Editor,
The Arunachal Pradesh Public service Commission (APPSC) has notified its long awaited examination. There are several lacunae in the notification issued by the APPSC.
Firstly, it has copy pasted the notification from the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) Civil Service Examination (CSE).
Secondly, the APPSC has not defined the preliminary examination syllabus and for mains examination. It has mentioned the name of general studies and papers but not the ramified syllabus, which displays lack of administrative will.
The notification on the site has lots of errors (grammar and spelling). This is alarming and concerning, as it’s been several years that the APPSC has not been able to conduct examination. Apparently, the APPSC has not learnt from its earlier years of controversy.
The APPSC operates an outdated website, which is not accessible via mobile (Android/IOS) while applying online.
The irony is that the government of Arunachal Pradesh is striving hard to meet the needs of the people but the government’s mechanism has failed to execute its duty.
Taring Nyiyee,
Delhi University