Unemployment and youths

Dear Editor,
Unemployment is the single biggest problem facing our educated youth today. Every year, thousands of youths finish their school education or graduation, yet the opportunities for jobs in the state are so limited. To really solve this would require drastic changes in the educational system itself, our mindset of believing in the dignity of labour, as well as slowly developing an environment where entrepreneurship is nurtured and cultivated. But these won’t be achieved in some months or even years. Such changes would definitely take time. For now, most of the educated youths of the state look for services in the government to sustain themselves and look after their old parents and their progeny. But the way the constitutional and non-constitutional bodies established to recruit the employees of the government in the state are functioning is really shameful, to put it most gently. They are literally killing the youths of the state.
In sharp contrast, according to the Labour Force Survey reports (2017-18), the unemployment rate in sister state Meghalaya is the lowest in the whole country because of their clean and efficient administration. The youths of the state aren’t demanding creation of more jobs when the finances of the state can’t sustain that or whatever may be the reason thereof. But we at least deserve fair competition and fair chances. That’s all we are asking for. And if this trend continues, for the sake of the poor youths of this state, the state government, under the leadership of Pema Khandu, may also consider increasing the reservation from 80 to 90 percent for the APST youths of the state.
Dite Pertin,