No more postponement

Dear Editor,
It is my humble request to fellow aspirants not to put up unnecessary requests. The application process has not yet come to a close, and we already have requests for postponement of the prelims. We should be happy that at least a date has been fixed. Do you even know what another postponement would mean? And justifying requests with the fact that the exams of a particular university or various universities may be clashing with the dates of the preliminary test is not strong enough. The prelims test is over three months away, and is going to be a one-day affair, that too on a Sunday. I am sure universities don’t normally have classes on Sundays, leave alone an exam.
Postponement could prove messy. Aspirants all over India may already have booked tickets, not just for the onward but also for the return journey. So please, any postponement now would mean major inconveniences. The aspirants have about three months and every serious aspirant would stop brooding over dates and get down to some serious work, because with the new pattern, there would be little room for protests. The syllabus is so exhaustive for the prelims test that we can rest assured that nothing asked would qualify as out of syllabus. Let us look forward to having a new batch of officers by next February. So please, “care for what you wish for, because you just might get it all.” And I am sure nobody wants another postponement.
An aspirant who hit
30 this February