Punish the culprits

Dear Editor,
I sometimes feel that the exam system in Arunachal should be scrapped and in lieu they should conduct lottery, which will be much quicker, transparent and equal for all.
The recent debacle of the APSSB LDC exam has literally shaken the hopes of many aspiring youths of the state and put them in a zone of doubt and frustration. Once again, many hopes have been killed and dreams shattered.
The SSB was a beacon of hope for the youths. Our honourable CM had assured us of a ‘clean, quick and transparent’ recruitment process which was long pending in our state. It gave the youths the zeal and the encouragement to solely rely on hard work and excellence, instead of the long trending money culture and nepotism. But the lackadaisical attitude of the SSB and its corrupt officials has once again killed the energy of the youths.
If corruption was involved in the recent APSSB LDC exam, it is not a new story at all. The same must have happened in the UDC exam too, the result of which was declared after a long gap. The culture of nepotism and horse-trading of candidates for money seems pertinent in both the LDC and the UDC exams.
This level of gambit for money even in a board like the SSB makes me feel that there is life after life. The corrupt elite government officials will take all these earnings to that side after death. If that is true, it is quite OK to rob and indulge in this level of malpractice here.
The government has given all the privileges to some officials to manage the affairs of a body like the SSB, but it is being misused, abused and stained to the highest level of corruption. The deserving qualified individuals are being questioned and made to doubt their own level of performance. The culture of nepotism and money is very dangerous for a state like ours where jobs are few. The youths had faith and hope on the SSB. If now even the APSSB is involved in this gambit for money, how can we expect good candidates to be selected? Alas, the undeserving, horse-traded candidates will run my state and continue the same nepotism and money culture.
As a very concerned citizen of this beautiful state, I urge our young and dynamic CM Pema Khandu to kindly take this kind of malpractice very seriously and punish the culprits with the highest possible action. This has to be a lesson for all others who are in queue to practice the same in the future. The state looks upon you on this very hopefully.
Also, it is high time that all public, students, youths, and especially student unions, raised their voice against this kind of act in unison and took the state to a better level.
Biku Jaipu,