Big slap to the otherwise coveted ideals of VKV life

Dear Editor,
The recent shocking incident at VKV, Sher is a great jolt to the whole of VKVians. The incident is a big slap to the otherwise coveted ideals of VKV life. Of course, some notoriousness is expected from the teens staying together as boarders. We too were engaged in such acts during those days at VKV, but it was more of a type of learning experiences.
At this juncture, I as Chairman, VKV alumni Longding strongly condemn such unwanted act and demand exemplary punishment for whosoever is found guilty- be it a juvenile. However, I also would like to appeal the parents of VKVs not to have fear-psychosis.
With this, I pay my condolence to the departed soul of one of our VKV brothers. Through this column I also would like to share my sadness with the bereaved family members.
Ngamwang Wangham
Chairman, VKV alumni