VKV authorities responsible for Paro’s death

Dear Editor,
I wish to bring to the attention of the people, a casual behavior shown by the members of Vivekananda Kendra over the death of a Class 6 boy, Ngurang Paro.
Vivekananda Kendra, when opened promised to deliver on “Man Making Nation building” motto. But over a few years it’s been seen that they are not able to control the hostel students.
Recently, a class 6 boy of VKV Sher was found dead in the hostel bathroom. But, no one from the school staff informed the child’s parent. The police had to inform them.
Since, that day all the higher authorities of Kendra are hiding. It’s my utmost belief that every staff member of that school was responsible for the child’s murder. The child was tortured for so many months, it’s not possible that the hostel warden or the principal or the teachers did not know anything about that.
VKVs were the best educational institutions in Arunachal Pradesh as it was providing discipline along with moral education. But now, they have started to concentrate on money.
If they are not able live up to their motto, I believe VKVs all over Arunachal should be closed.
A concerned citizen