I was bullied

Dear Editor,
Recently I saw news about a boy from VKV, Sher who died.
As a victim of bullying, I wanted you to publish my experience too.
I joined VKV Jirdin in the year 2007. The first year was smooth; one senior took care of me as her sister. But right after she left the school, I was one of the targets. There were a few seniors who hated me for no reasons; they were cruel to me. One of them, in particular, was very mean- she called me names like ugly, bhikari, patli, ghatiya. She would let me wash her dirty dishes. She would also make me remove her period-stained panties. When I resisted, she would threaten to beat me up with her friends. She bullied me a lot.
I talked about my experiences to the then principal, but she didn’t believe me—instead, the hostel warden reprimanded me for exposing such ‘small matters’. I was later named the ‘Drama Queen’ of my school.
During one of the parent’s day, I begged my mother to take me home. I cried a lot. I left school soon, but the effects of bullying never left me. It has scared me.
I live with the trauma every day, still haunts me.
A former student