Arunachal and panic go hand in hand

Dear Editor,
In 2005-2007, there was news claiming that Arunachal would be hit by an earthquake with a magnitude stronger than 6 on the Richter scale.
I saw my parents panicking, stuffing the kitchen with flattened rice. One could not find Eveready batteries and torches. Why? People panicked and bought more than required. It was a false alarm.
Obviously, science is the best way and the most efficient way, and it has been proved. The message I want to convey is that Arunachalee people and panic go hand in hand.
The rumour of salt!
I am literally laughing right now, remembering the time when a rumour was going on that salt would be out of stock. Wow! I was in Pune. My mom said she would get two bagfuls of salt. She panicked, but I advised her not to. She agreed not to, but then the price of salt went rocket high. Many are still struggling what to do with the stocks of salts in their godowns.
Coronavirus (Covid-19).
Now here is nothing to joke about. A serious threat it is and obviously we need to be cautious and take preventive measures.
The above two incidents is to let you know that we do not need to panic. Be calm, take precautions and take the stocks of whatever you need in small quantity or so to say required quantities. Do not panic and buy the whole lot, which will only result in high price rise.
In economics, it is proven that when demand goes high, the price goes up. Only buy what is required.
We are humans; we have been through SARS, Ebola, bird flu, malaria, tuberculosis and what not. We will recover from this pandemic too.
Dear Arunachalees, please do not panic; instead, take precautions.
Bharat Sonam Waii