Screen properly

Dear Editor,
I would like to urge my fellow Arunachalees that the whole world is fighting against Covid-19. We all know how the whole world is suffering right now and the panic spreading across the globe is evidence of how this coronavirus can harm humans.
One thing that we all should know is how our government is dealing with Covid-19. India too is facing this problem and the numbers of infected are growing rapidly. At such a growth rate, there are chances of infection in our state too.
We appreciate the government of Arunachal for various preventive measures like screening at various points of entry into Arunachal. To safeguard our beautiful state from Covid-19, the citizens of state should cooperate with the government and each one of us should contribute to stop the spread of the virus.
There are many of us who travelled out of the state and came without screening in fear of being tested positive. Such people will harm humankind. If you know any person like them, inform the government.
As of now, all educational institutes of the state have suspended their classes till 5 April. After 5 April, they will return back to their respective universities and colleges.
I request the government and the educational institutes to take proper preventive measures and do proper screening.
Chukhu Tagar,